Sharp, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Sharp specializes in working with adults with OCD, anxiety, stress/trauma-related issues, and depression. She is a Cognitive-Behavioral therapist, with a focus on exposure-based therapies including Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). Dr. Sharp also heavily emphasizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and other mindfulness-based approaches to help clients end the struggle with painful thoughts and feelings and choose behaviors aligned with their own goals and values. Dr. Sharp specializes in treating the following:

  • Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Anxiety in all forms, including panic, health anxiety, phobias, social anxiety and generalized anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Depression

Dr. Sharp received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kansas, where her doctoral studies focused on the relationship between therapist empathy and client outcomes.  She authored a research article on ACT for anxiety disorders, along with other publications on clinical psychology.  Dr. Sharp has trained and researched with experts in the fields of ACT, mindfulness, and depression.  Throughout her career, she has completed intensive programs in ERP, self-compassion therapy, and mindfulness meditation.  Additionally, Dr. Sharp’s pre-doctoral internship at the Central Iowa VA provided the opportunity to receive extensive training in the use of empirically-supported treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder including Prolonged Exposure (PE) and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT).

Dr. Sharp is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and moved to Dallas in 2016 to complete her postdoctoral fellowship prior to joining the Dallas CBT Team. Outside of work, she has a passion for dog sports and competes most weekends with her (award winning!) cocker spaniels in dog agility.


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