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Intake Assessment

To begin therapy, we will first meet for an intake assessment to get to know you and your concerns, discuss your goals, and agree on a plan for treatment. These appointments typically last 60 minutes. The first step to setting up an initial appointment is to complete our online Therapy Inquiry Form below.


We believe in therapy with clearly defined treatment goals that can give you tools to significantly improve your life in a matter of months. After completing an initial intake appointment, a typical course of treatment may be between 16-20 therapy sessions (i.e., 4 to 5 months), although this can vary by a client’s needs and preferences.  It is also common for our clients to want to engage in longer-term therapy to work on other areas or ongoing concerns after shorter-term goals are met.

We accept cash, check, and credit card for payment, and payment is due at the time of the session. We currently do not accept insurance but will provide a detailed receipt so that you may seek reimbursement if you wish. We are considered an out of network provider, and therefore different benefits may apply for reimbursement.  We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for appointments.

Fees by Therapist

Initial intake appointments are $250. Our ongoing hourly fees range from $150 to $250, specified below.

$250 – Drs. Croft-Caderao, Holland, Kirby, and Minze
$225 – Drs. Aikins, Camara, and Sharp
$200 – Christopher DuFour, LPC, & Katie Witcher-Crawford, LMFT (individual therapy)
$175 – Dr. Nyla Harris,
$150 – Gracie Letter, LPC-A

$225 – Couples and Family Therapy with Katie Witcher-Crawford, LMFT

Existing clients may make scheduling requests or changes on our online calendar here: Client Portal

All are welcome. We value and affirm each person we work with, regardless of background or identity.

Initial Assessment

(60 to 75 minutes)


Individual Therapy

(50 minutes)

$150 – $250

Couples & Families

(50 minutes)


Group Therapy for Social Anxiety

(Teen & Adult)


Psychoeducational, ADHD, &/or Autism Assessment


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