Couples Therapy is a proactive and effective way to make positive changes in your relationship. Our goal in couples counseling is to help you understand the unhelpful dynamics in your relationship and provide you with hands-on strategies for improving your relationship. It is never too early or too late to start therapy for your relationship– research shows that couples will wait an average of 6 years in an unhappy relationship before they seek therapy.

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How do I know if we need couples therapy?

  • You and your partner have frequent arguments over parenting, finances, sex, infidelity, social media, household chores
  • Despite having the same arguments over and over, you are unable to resolve the issue
  • Trust in the relationship has been broken or strained
  • Relationship satisfaction has changed significantly after a major life event like marriage, having a child, career change, or illness or death in the family
  • There is disdain, frequent criticism, defensiveness, or emotional “shutting down” in your relationship
  • You feel like your relationship is stuck and no matter how you try to change it nothing seems to work
  • You feel like you relationship might need a “tune up” or wellness check

How Couples Therapy works

Our therapy approach includes The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, which scientific research has shown to be the most effective forms of couples therapy. Couples therapy is typically between 12 to 18 sessions, although this can vary depending on the issues being addressed.

In couples therapy, we will work together to find more options and helpful strategies to solve problems in your relationship. Our work will cater to the specific goals and needs of your relationship, but therapy often includes helping you build up your friendship with your partner, better handle conflict, and find or rediscover meaning in your relationship. In therapy, couples grow in intimacy, respect, and affection, and address the factors that cause stagnation in the relationship. Regardless of your goal, therapy will help you gain empathy and understanding within the relationship.

In couples therapy, you can expect to:
  • Build understanding and empathy in your relationship
  • Increase friendship and intimacy
  • Get "unstuck" from frustrating patterns
  • Learn to effectively navigate conflict