Croft-Caderao, PhD
Clinical Psychologist & Director

Dr. Croft-Caderao specializes in treatment of Anxiety and OCD.  Her therapy approach is Cognitive Behavioral, with a focus in exposure therapies such as Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD.  She also incorporates Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a guiding framework to her work, which involves learning to become better at experiencing all the thoughts and feelings that life can throw at us while focusing on living meaningful lives.

Dr. Croft-Caderao earned her doctoral and master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology from Southern Methodist University, where her training focused on CBT for adults with anxiety, OCD, depression, and trauma. Along with exposure therapy and ACT, Dr. Croft-Caderao’s clinical interests include exercise for mood and anxiety, mindfulness, and multiculturalism and social justice issues within the field of psychology.

In addition to clinical practice, Dr. Croft-Caderao teaches CBT at UT Southwestern and provides supervision in CBT at SMU.  She completed specialized training in Exposure and Response Prevention and Prolonged Exposure and trained within a variety of institutions including SMU’s Anxiety Research & Treatment Program, Parkland Hospital Psychiatry Consult Liaison Team, and several college counseling centers.

She is from South Texas and is mother to two adorable, not-so-well-behaved dogs.