Gayle, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Gayle specializes in treating anxiety, depression, and school related issues for children and adolescents, and works with adults experiencing anxiety and mood concerns. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help shift unhelpful thoughts and behaviors that are causing problems in life, as well as elements of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) such as mindfulness, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation to help clients meet their treatment goals.

She earned her master’s and doctorate degree in School Psychology from the University of Rhode Island. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and educational studies from Emory University. Her doctoral training focused on psychological and educational assessment, as well as utilizing CBT to treat anxiety, depression, behavior problems, stress, anger, and trauma.

Dr. Gayle completed her pre-doctoral internship at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care where she conducted child and adolescent assessments, and individual, group, and family therapy. Other clinical experiences include providing therapy and testing to elementary and high schools located in urban and rural communities in Rhode Island, therapy in the Child Anxiety Program at the University of Rhode Island, South County Child and Family Consultants, Rhode Island Training School, and Rhode Island Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Gayle is from the Bronx in New York but escaped the cold to settle in Texas as soon as she could. She is under the supervision of Dr. Laura Minze as she completes her postdoctoral licensure requirements at Dallas CBT.