Pre-surgical Psychological Evaluation

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Pre-surgical psychological evaluations for bariatric surgery

Weight loss (aka bariatric) surgery is a substantial undertaking, and those considering undergoing a procedure of this type want to ensure that they will achieve and sustain the results they desire.  Pre-surgical psychological evaluations are one piece of the puzzle, with the goal of helping to identify potential obstacles and/or concerns that might make weight-loss surgery less successful (see below for more information).   

In fact, pre-surgical evaluations are often required by insurance companies prior to engaging in weight-loss surgery.  Though these evaluations are not intended to “get in the way” of surgery, unfortunately, these evaluations can involve long wait times for an appointment, long turnaround time for reports, or inconvenient travel time to a doctor’s office which ultimately can push back the date of your weight loss surgery. Dallas CBT helps you avoid this delay and makes this step in your weight loss journey as quick and convenient as possible by offering online pre-surgical evaluations, using Skype or FaceTime, as well as in-person appointments available at our uptown Dallas office.

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Learn more about pre-surgical psychological evaluations for weight loss surgery:

Weight loss surgery is a journey, not a destination. You should not think of surgery as the “cure-all,” but simply as a tool to help weight loss. Regardless of whether you are undergoing the gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, by-pass, or intra-gastric balloon, to achieve the greatest success you will need to make significant changes in behavior.

Up to 20 percent of weight loss surgery patients regain some or all of their weight following surgery. “Grazing” on food and “eating through the surgery” are the main causes of weight regain. Some other factors associated with weight loss surgery failure include binge eating, emotional eating, addictive eating, depression, lack of knowledge, lack of motivation, and previous weight loss failures. At about 18 months after surgery, many patients experience old cravings and urges to eat. Remember that even with surgery your weight loss will plateau. Once you hit this plateau, healthy behaviors will be the key to keeping the weight off.

This is where the pre-surgical psychological evaluation can help. It is standard care to require a pre-surgical psychological evaluation.  The evaluation is not designed to get in the way of surgery.  Rather, it is part of a multidisciplinary program designed to focus on all aspects of weight management.  There are very few psychological or behavioral contraindications for weight loss surgery.  Specific goals of the evaluation include:

  1. Helping set appropriate expectations about the benefits, risks, side effects, and lifestyle changes required after surgery
  2. If needed, ensuring that appropriate psychological, behavioral, and social support is being obtained
  3. Identifying personal strengths and possible barriers which may interfere with long-term weight loss success
  4. Providing specific recommendations which will lead to optimal short- and long-term weight loss. Most importantly, the pre-surgical psychological evaluation will help you determine if weight loss surgery is right for you and identify if you are at risk for weight regain

What you can expect with our bariatric surgery psychological evaluations:

  • Fulfillment of insurance requirements for surgery
  • Reports sent to your surgeon within 24 hours (barring extenuating circumstances)
  • A face-to-face or online interview, using Skype or FaceTime
  • Informative online questionnaires to complete before the evaluation
  • Specific recommendations to help ensure your success
  • Availability of additional support services to assist with weight loss, if needed
  • Caring and compassionate weight loss experts

Appointment Information and Fees:

  • While the psychological evaluation fulfills insurance requirements needed for you to obtain bariatric surgery, Dallas CBT does not currently accept insurance for the evaluation itself. The cost for the evaluation is $150, which is a one-time flat fee.
  • Both in-person and online pre-surgical psychological evaluations are offered.  Online evaluations will be scheduled in advance and will be conducted over Skype or FaceTime, whichever you prefer.